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Life on land   

Human life depends on the land we inhabit, which is crucial for our sustenance and our lives. Vegetation provides 80% of the food we eat and agriculture is an important economic resource. Forests cover 30% of the planet's surface, provide vital habitats for millions of species and are important sources of clean air and water, making them crucial to combating climate change.

This goal aims to promote urgent action to reduce the loss of natural habitats and biodiversity that are part of our common heritage, to support global food and water security, to curb climate change and to support peace and security for all on the planet.

Shelves: BO 20, BO 30,
Ecosistemi Deforestation
Biodiversità Forest
Deforestazione Biodiversity
Desertificazione Desertification
Foreste Marine ecosystem
Tutela ambientale Human ecology
Ecologia umana

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    Last Update: 8/6/2022

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