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Consulting a thesis

The Bocconi Library holds all the dissertations discussed at the University since the foundation, except for those related to bachelor's degree programs. This is a valuable collection that contributes to outlining the history of our University, weaving the thread of national and international history with that of the individual stories of Bocconi graduates.
You can explore dissertations in the Collections tab, selecting Bocconi University Dissertations. Here you will find two boxes, one for dissertations for which the author has authorized consultation (Authorized) and another for those for which consultation has not been authorized (Unauthorized). In the latter case you will be able to see details about the dissertations (title, author, advisor, year), but not read the content.

How do I search for a dissertation? Use the search bar in the Bocconi University Dissertations section or scroll through the titles and choose the ones that interest you most. Either way, we suggest you to start with the sign in. You can also search for dissertations in SearchLib by author (student name or supervisor name), title or keywords within the title, but you will only be able to read dissertations for which the author has given permission for consultation. We suggest you to consult the Libguide Consulting Dissertations to best set up your research strategies.
Can I read dissertations in the Library? Sure! Theses can be consulted in the Library from the dedicated workstations, which are located on the Library ground floor.
What if I am off campus? If you are a student or Faculty member, you can consult the theses even when you are off campus at any time. Simply sign in and ... enjoy your reading!

Last update: Wednesday, January 24, 2024