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The Library puts at students’ disposal, in the textbook area, the material specified by faculty members for the preparation of exams.

In addition to several copies of text books and items of suggested reading, the Library, when faculty members have expressly requested, makes available educational material in digital format (case studies, articles, book chapters, wp etc.).

Where can I find the texts specified for exam preparation?

In the "Textbooks" search box on the Library home page, search for your course, by course code or faculty member's name.

Further copies of the textbooks may be checked out for 4 weeks.

To access the teaching material in digital format, simply click on the title of the document you wish to download and, after authentication with your username and password, enter the course’s pw as previously provided in class.

Please note!: the use of these documents can only be personal, for study and research purposes.
The sending to other persons of their contents, the sharing thereof on social networks, the linking thereto from any external site are not authorized.
You cannot modify the texts or remove, conceal or modify the notices regarding their copyright or the sources from which they are excerpted.

Last Update: 3/8/2021

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