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The Library and the CV19 Emergency - Phase 2

14 May 2020

An increase in ebooks and ejournal collections, flexibility regarding formal obligations such as book returns, loan renewals, authorizations, etc., and the strengthening of remote search assistance have characterized the Library's activities during the so-called Phase 1 of the pandemic emergency.

Starting on Monday 18 May, the Library will reopen, in experimental mode given the unusual circumstances - with a gradual and precautionary provision of services. Periodic updates on additional services and how they will be provided will be posted on both the Library and the University website in a timely manner.

During the weeks of shutdown, the University strengthened health measures in compliance with legislative decrees and rules. This was done to guarantee the complete safety of users and librarians, the absolute priority being the health of all involved. The rules have been designed to avoid risky contacts, and must be scrupulously complied with in order to access the Library and use its services. It should be understood that certain rules which may appear restrictive are related to the quarantine to which books must also be subjected to avoid the risk of contagion.


The Library can only be accessed by booking a study seat in the designated rooms (Law Room, Periodicals Room, Faculty Rooms) for a maximum duration of 2 hours during 3 time slots: 10:00am-12:00pm, 1:00-3:00pm, 4:00-6:00pm. 88 study seats are available (30 in the Law Room, 46 in the Periodicals Room, of which 3 are for consulting theses in electronic format and 1 for theses in microfiche format, and 12 in the Faculty Rooms), arranged in a checkerboard fashion to maintain a safe distance. Times are scheduled to allow rooms to be cleaned at the end of each time slot by a dedicated team. Reservations will be checked at the entrance following preliminary operations consisting of body temperature measurement and completion of a self-certification form.

Reserving a study seat

  • Students: book online at
    Only Bocconi University students, Phd, Master Bocconi students and MBA Full Time students, with a Bocconi email address and University card, can reserve a seat.
  • Faculty: book by sending an email to

  • Reserving a thesis Workstation

    Book on line at:

    Returning books

    To return books that were borrowed before the emergency, Library rooms do not need to be accessed. 2 boxes are available in the lobby of the Library building. Librarians will collect the books and then sanitize them through quarantine.

    On-site consultation

    Consultation can be requested only for items located in the central storage and only for existing copies in hardcopy version only with a maximum limit of daily consultations and reservations based on the chronological order of requests. Books and journals in the rooms can be freely consulted and must be placed on the trolleys placed near the shelves as usual.


    The self-service photocopying service is available.

    Remote assistance

    For assistance with bibliographic searches:; for database consultations:

    Services temporarily NOT available

    Book loans, hardcopy ILL/DD, on-site access to databases, consultation of archival documents.

    Last Update: 25/5/2020

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