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The Library and the CV-19 Emergency

1st April 2020

The Library is currently closed due to the health emergency, but it is supporting the Bocconi community with enhanced online services. These services have been specifically designed and technically verified to guarantee their accessibility, given the increased demand resulting from distance teaching and research carried out largely with electronic resources.

Services and bibliographic sources are all accessible off campus for all categories of institutional users.

NB: Institutional users are students, faculty (including the categories who were excluded from remote access in the past) and staff of the University.

How can databases, ejournals and ebooks be accessed from home?

Most databases, ejournals and ebooks are always accessible from home. They must be accessed via the Library website. After searching for information, the same credentials used for the University's other online services must be entered when authentication as a Bocconi user is requested.
Google should NOT be used because the system would not recognize the user as part of the Bocconi Community and would not allow access to databases, journal article downloads, etc.
For assistance, please email:

What electronic resources are available?

100 databases, more than 120,000 ebooks, 30,000 ejournals.
  • Databases can be searched by name, content or subject area. Click on Databases on the Library home page
  • Ebooks and ejournals can be searched by title or ISBN/ISSN. Click on Ejournals e Ebooks on the Library home page Ebooks can also be searched by keyword organized by librarians by clicking on the Library Catalogue (books, journals, theses, ebooks). During this emergency, large ebook platforms such as Ebsco, Proquest and MITPress are allowing unlimited access through June to all their ebooks purchased by the Library. Along with the Faculty, the Library is considering expanding its ebook collections to help study and research.

Are additional textbooks and research texts available in electronic format in addition to those from the Library?

During this emergency, many suppliers are temporarily expanding the supply of their content to increase the availability of online resources that can be used remotely. At the same time, where possible, the Library is expanding its collections with direct purchases:

  • Ebsco and Proquest are allowing unlimited simultaneous access until June to all ebooks purchased from the Library for publishers such as Wiley, Taylor & Francis, etc.
  • Ebsco is offering free access until 31 May to the Harvard Business Review Ebook Collection with unlimited simultaneous access. It is also offering its Faculty Select platform, dedicated to faculty members, which allows access to several quality publications - Open Educational Resources (OER) - and access can be requested for DRM-free ebooks from academic publishers through a single interface.
  • JSTOR has extended access to all academic journals in the Archival Journals collection, the Primary Sources collections and a selection of ebooks
  • Sage has made a selection of its journals available, with some hundreds of biomedical research articles related to the emergency (complete list available here)
  • MITPress, ScienceDirect and Cambridge have expanded their offerings
  • The Wolters Kluwer La Mia Biblioteca has been expanded with new ebooks from the Bocconi Library.

Can graduation theses be accessed?

Consultation of Bocconi theses is possible only in the Library reading rooms, in compliance with current copyright regulations in Italy. This is also why theses cannot be sent via email. In this contingency, the Library has identified theses and dissertations from several colleges and universities around the world, many of which are available online in full text. Just go to the Library website, click on Printed and Electronic Resources (Articles, Chapters, Online Resources), perform a keyword search and then limit the results by Dissertations/Theses source type.

Help with citations and bibliography

Librarians can help remotely to solve your doubts about how to cite and write a bibliography. Send your questions to Our librarians will schedule an online consultation via Microsoft Teams , if necessary.

What newspapers can be accessed?

Leading Italian and international economic newspapers can be found here.

To find your way around the available resources, please email:

For clarifications on how to use and download available electronic resources, please mail:

To consult databases that are not available off-campus by contract

The Library has activated a remote support service intended primarily for graduating students. Products include:
  • Bloomberg
  • Eikon e Datastream
  • SDC Platinum
Specialist librarians will search the data and send back the results. As many details and useful information available as possible should be communicated (variables, time span, frequency, etc.). Requests can be sent to:, with the advisor professor in cc and indicating in the subject of the email GRADUATION + database name.
Requests from researchers and other categories of users will be processed according to order of arrival and urgency.

How to practice on Bloomberg, Eikon and Datastream and get certified?

  • Bloomberg
Bloomberg Market Concepts is available online for the Bocconi Community. Just register with the institutional email.
  • Eikon e Datastream (Refinitiv)
On request by the Library Refinitiv offers different online courses (live or registered) for both databases and the possibility of obtaining certification:

How can books and journal articles not present in the Library collections be consulted?

The Library can obtain electronic copies of parts of books and journals articles from its national and international network. Requests should be sent through the Interlibrary Loan or by email to:
Librarians reserve the right to contact the applicant to verify the specific research needs, if necessary.

Can books and journal on shelves and in stock be requested?

Open shelf and in-stock books cannot be requested as librarians are not physically present in the Library.

How can books borrowed before the health emergency be returned?

They do not need to be returned now. Loan deadlines have been extended by librarians so users will not have irregularities in their accounts (checks can be made on MyLibrary).

How can books be returned before a graduation session?

An online form can be completed, in which you agree to return them after the emergency is over.

How can you request a nulla osta certificate?

An online form can be completed

Last update: 22/4/2020

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