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Library Workshops

19 January 2023

For the second semester (a.y. 2022/2023), the Library is organizing a series of workshops that will enable you to learn about the tools available to you in the Library (search tools, databases, citation management software).

There are four types of courses offered:

  • Library Tools: Divided into Beginner and Advanced levels, the workshops offer a comprehensive overview of the Library's search tools. At the end of the course, you will be able to independently set up an effective bibliographic search strategy for theses, research papers and assignments.
  • Databases: The workshops are aimed at exploring the functionalities and add-ins of some of the databases subscribed by the Bocconi Library, such as Bloomberg and Refinitiv.
  • Bibliographic citation and RefWorks: The two workshops provide the basic skills needed to correctly cite bibliographic sources used in writing texts (dissertations, papers, class assignments), as well as explore the functionalities of RefWorks (bibliographic citation manager), useful software for students and researchers grappling with thesis or research papers using citations and bibliographies.
  • Law: Library tools and Databases The two types of courses provide an overview of the search tools made available by the Library and explore the Italian Legal Databases subscribed by the Bocconi Library.

Courses will be held from 6 February 2023.

All courses are held in interactive mode. It is necessary to book courses through the you@B agenda, "Library" section.

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