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Electronic resources – Terms and conditions of use

The majority of electronic resources (databases, e-journals, e-books) made available through the Bocconi Library are governed by license agreements between the Library and publishers or vendors. These define specific terms and conditions of use, i.e. authorized users, permissions and restrictions. Access to the licensed electronic resources is only for educational, research, or personal use.

When a license applies, the relevant terms and conditions of use for each resource may be found on the resource information records or by clicking on Resource Info & License

Use of electronic resources

  It is permitted to

  It is prohibited to
  • Display, search, download, print and store
    the licensed materials for scholarly
    research, educational and personal use only

  • Share your own IDs and password with
    third parties
    , , nor to enable anyone other
    than authorized user to use the licensed
  • Create a temporary link to a journal article
    or a book chapter for use in electronic
    course packs (Course Reserves) or learning
    management systems provided proper
    reference to the author and source is given,
    and with the authorization of the Library
  • Distribute or transmit (by whatever means,
    e.g. fax, e-mail, social networks, etc.) the
    licensed materials to anyone other than
    authorized users
  • Systematically download, print and store
    an excessive portion of the licensed
    materials (e.g. an entire journal issue or e-
    book), also by use of specific software

  • Remove, obscure or modify any copyright,
    author attribution or other notices included
    in the licensed materials

  • Make any use for commercial purposes

  • Make any use that exceeds or violates the
    terms and conditions of use without the prior written permission of Licensor

  • Consequences of misuse

    Publishers monitor the usage of electronic resources to verify compliance with licensing agreements. Misuse or violation of license restrictions may result in the termination of the license agreement and in the withdrawal of any access rights to the electronic resource.

    Last Update: 14/12/2015