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It is possible to checkout items that are in the Reading Rooms at the Circulation Service.


Number of Items
Loan Period
Students (Bachelor and Master of Science Programs)
4 weeks
Master of Science Final Year Students (with registered thesis title)
4 weeks

These materials are for daily loan only
  • Journals and newspapers
  • Dictionaries and encyclopedias
  • Working papers
  • Microforms
  • Dissertations and theses

Users are allowed up to 2 renewals for 1 week each (one week before due date only). Please note that items reserved by another borrower cannot be renewed.

To renew items, access MyLibrary online. The new due date is displayed beside each item as confirmation of the renewal.

The Library uses fines to encourage the return of borrowed library materials on time. Borrowing privileges (checkouts, holds, booking) will be suspended 1 day for each item overdue.

Request an item/hold
    Make a request
    Students may request items (books, journals, CDs, microforms) located in the Central Storage online by MyLibrary.

    Delivery time
    You will normally be notified via e-mail within 2 working days that your request is ready for pickup. Note that your item will be held for 7 days if it is for 4 weeks loan and for 2 days if it is for a daily loan.

    If an item is not currently available, a hold may be placed on it online via the catalogue. Once a held item becomes available, the Library notifies the user and keeps the item on the holdshelf for 7 days.
    If more than one person requires the item, a hold queue forms, and the borrowing period reduces to one week.

Book an item
    Make a booking
    Students may book items (books, journals) located in the Remote Storage online by MyLibrary.

    Delivery time
    Items will be delivered to the Circulation Service every Wednesday afternoon and they may be booked for a week.

    Number of Bookings
    Students (Bachelor and Master of Science Programs)
    Master of Science Final Year Students (with registered thesis title)

E-mail notices
The Library sends all its notices to the Bocconi University e-mail address allocated to you at enrolment. If you do not want to use your University e-mail address it is your responsibility to forward your e-mail to an e-mail address that you do access.

Type of notices
The Library sends a number of different types of notices out to borrowers. All library notices are a courtesy only.

Below is a list of notices that you may receive and an explanation of what each notice means.
    Awaiting pickup
    Once a reserved item has been returned, it is put aside for the first person in the queue with the reservation (hold) who will be sent a Library notice indicating that the item is awaiting pickup. Collect the item by the pickup date at the Library indicated at the top of the notice.

    Courtesy Reminder Notices
    For items with a loan period of 4 weeks all students will be sent a courtesy reminder notice 7 days before the day the item is due. To avoid demerit points you need to return the item or renew it online by logging onto MyLibrary from the library catalogue.

    Overdue Notices
    You are blocked from borrowing once an item on loan to you is overdue. 3 days after the due date we send you a courtesy overdue notice reminding you that you have an item/s overdue and that you are being blocked one day for each item overdue.


Nulla osta is mandatory for students who:
    - are registered for Bachelor and Master of Science degree

    - decide to leave the Bocconi University

    - decide to enroll to another University
Please request a nulla osta certificate in person at the Circulation Service or by e-mail at library.nullaosta@unibocconi.it.

Last update: 17/9/2012