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Copyright as it affects librarians

Libraries have been able to fulfil their institutional role of disseminating intellectual content also because of the exceptions and limitations to copyright laws. These include photocopies for personal use by users within university libraries, for an amount per student paid by libraries to the SIAE [Italian Society of Authors and Publishers].

Any reproduction and use of documents held in the Library must always be checked by the librarians. For example:
    ₋ in the case of documents that are valuable or liable to deteriorate, total reproduction may be made to ensure their conservation and consultation following widely-used practices.

    ₋ an interlibrary loan can provide other libraries, and not their users directly, with copies of hard-copy or electronic articles through programs that ensure the text cannot be altered only because of the temporary nature of the reproduction.

    ₋ inclusion of articles or chapters from books in the Library’s electronic course reserves or in the Learning Space is subject to compliance with each document’s conditions of use. In the case of texts from the Library’s electronic collections (articles, working papers, e-books) the licence for use must be checked. For texts from the Internet, the permitted use should be checked and if necessary permission sought from the copyright holder.

Last update: 20/1/2011