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Copyright as it affects faculty

    7. How to manage and use theses
The University makes Turnitin software available so faculty can assess the originality of theses. The program compares students’ work with what is in the database, which contains theses, web pages, classic research and articles from academic journals. The program produces a report enabling faculty to objectively assess the originality of theses and detect any plagiarism.

Theses are administrative documents, because they attest to cursus studiorum, and they are research documents, because they are original work. They are covered by copyright law because they are the creative work of graduating students. Reproduction of them is forgery and they can be consulted only subject to permission issued at the time they are delivered to the Student Administration Centre. Thesis defences, and also theses not authorized to be consulted, only become available for consultation after 10 years.
All University theses are kept by the Library. They can only be consulted in the reading rooms and are only available for reading in both hard copy and digital format. Reproducing all or part of theses is not permitted.
Last update: 20/7/2010