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Copyright as it affects faculty

    5. How to manage documents in the Library’s Course Reserves
Faculty can use extracts from books and journal articles in class only in compliance with copyright laws. They cannot reproduce protected texts, even their own, and distribute them to students without permission of the publisher. Faculty should check whether the Library has a licence for the texts on the reading lists. If so, the texts are already available electronically and can be included in the course reserve. If the text is not available electronically, a digital reproduction can be requested from the Library. Reproduction licences are limited to the program, for its duration, and to the number of students, so that if a text is set for several programs, the licence has to be applied for again.
Creating an external link to course reserve texts is absolutely prohibited.

Electronic documents in the Course Reserves can be used in the lecture room, during lessons. They may also be used for individual study and thus stored on a PC or printed. In certain cases, only some of these uses are permitted. The Library will specify case by case, in a note for users, what the permitted uses are. However, use is limited to the program for which they are requested, to the months in which the program runs, and to the number of students enrolled. If an article is required for several programs, a request for copyright should be submitted (Anna Vaglio, e-mail: anna.vaglio@unibocconi.it).
For this reason, creating an external link to documents held in the ECR is not permitted.
Last update: 20/1/2011