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    4. Check-list for the Library’s course reserves
How do I inform the Library of the titles of texts to be included?
    - Send an email to crs@unibocconi.it.
    When do I have to provide the titles of texts to be included?
    - At least 30 days prior to the beginning of the relevant semester
    What happens if I’m late?
    - The Library will accept late applications for inclusion.
      The only consequence will be that there will be a delay in placing the documents online, depending how long it takes to get a response from the copyright holder for permission to reproduce the work.
    - What information does the Library need for the ECR service?
    Two kinds of information are needed:
    Information on the course
      - Name of the course
      - Name of the faculty member
      - The subject (eg, Finance)
      - Subject code (eg, 5081)
      - Degree program (eg, CLEA; CLEA + CLEFIN + CLEACC; all programs)
      - Semester
      - Number of students enrolled

    Bibliographic information about the documents to be included in the ECR
      - for books and chapters from books, distinguish between text book and recommended reading
      - for case studies: name of faculty member in charge of the subject, preferred access dates, titles of case studies requested and identifying
      - codes (title, reference no.) list of students enrolled in the program.
      - for all types of documents, all bibliographic information, as follows:

       Information to be cited




      X X X

      X X X

       Source (Title of journal or book with several authors)
      X X

       Place of publication
      X X

      X X X
      Volume, Number X

      X X

    What kinds of documents can be included in the ECR?
    - books, journal articles or chapters of books, in hard copy or electronic format.
    - case studies, working papers, documents published on the web in Open Access.

    What happens if the Library doesn’t have the documents?
    The Library will obtain a copy from another library.

    To whom do I send documents of mine that I want made available?
    - They can be sent to the Acquisitions section of the Library who will keep them for the time needed to analyse and reproduce them.

    What if they are photocopies?
    - It is better not to send them; the Library needs the original documents.

    How do I access the Electronic Course Reserves?
    - From the Library’s home page, using the ID and password you usually use to access Library services.

    Who do I contact if I have problems?
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